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Published on 05 Sep 2020 / In Rap

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Song: Next Level by An0maly (Instrumental: NmCmal sample is from Muse)

The title is for advertising purposes so relax i'm probably the least cocky rapper out right now....
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(2x)Y'all hate on my lines
But i'm patient with mine
I'm still waiting to prime
Your all patients in line

Cuz i staple a rhyme, and enable the matrix of time
To gracefully die, and there ain't no safe haven to hide
In so file in, get high start smiling
Why not commit divine sin, a crime is
What you make of it, Don't just be taken shit,
Tell the greasy pigs what you think of all their bacon skin
Jamacian Piff got me thinking bout amazing shit
Like if cops can swim, if you drop them in a lake and split
I hate authority, but more importantly
I'm good with words, most who spit just let their fortune speak
Fortunately, my style is given orally
Whether my quarterly's high, or i can't afford a tee
This portion be, like the speaking of an oracle
Hidden signs within the speech, questions are rhetorical
So stop the boring flows, You all should know
I'm a rebel on the mic, summoned to restore the code

(2x)Y'all hate on my lines
But i'm patient with mine
I'm still waiting to prime
Your all patients in line

Hello I am, just another rhyme fan
Kinda high ready to collect some finance
And divide stats,
Feel the vibes that and my lines have
We coexist right beside jams
That You guys blast, look aside that
And you'll eye some divine rap let your mind match
That of mine Damn, kinda fly and over your head
You rappers with the Souljah Style needs to pick some 4 leaf clovers instead
Yo need the luck of the irish, if you fuck with my shit
Better yet you should pluck a couple violets
And give them to my bitch
Cuz I is, flames, redefining and redesigning the climate

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