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How to Freestyle: How to freestyle rap more creatively

Published on 15 Oct 2020 / In How-to & Style

How to freestyle rap, more creatively. http://emceemind.org
1:52 Good tips for more creative raps and freestyles (If you just can't wait :)
Here's the question and answer that inspired this video.

Q: Can you suggest any poetry, websites, or books that will spark more creativity in my thinking when I freestyle?

A: Thanks for the question. I'll give you a more in depth answer through video in a couple of weeks.

What I use in my class or metaphor books, oxymorons, idioms, and recently homographs and homophones. Your basic English class word devices. Also poetry is great for a creative spark, but its better to hear it. So go to open mics and poetry slams in your area.

Make being more creative your goal when you freestyle; give yourself time to learn and grow your creativity; be willing to say anything in the moment your freestyling. Creativity comes when you let go and stop editing your flow.

Thanks again for the question, I'll let you know then the video is ready.

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