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Leyla Marchetto, Restaurateur & Publicist: A Stylish Life

Published on 07 Sep 2020 / In Music News & PR

Explore "A Stylish Life" of NYC fashionistas, artists, and creators on Look TV. Leyla Marchetto, Restaurateur & Publicist, shares memories from her cozy-chic Montauk home about her childhood at her family-owned NYC Italian restaurant Da Silvano's, where she met top celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Tina Turner, and recalls knocking all of Cyndi Lauper's food off her table as she roller-skated by it. Leyla, who is co-owner of Navy Beach restaurant in Montauk, invites "A Stylish Life" to take a peek at her favorite fashion finds, including a Chanel dress she bought in Paris, Whalebone t-shirts & trucker hats, a Missoni cover up dress, an Anthropologie bright green bag, and cherished watch collection. What do you think of Leyla's style? Comment below!

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Producer: Dorenna Newton

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