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SAM Broadcaster-Licensing Your Internet Radio Station - A SAM Broadcaster Tutorial

Published on 15 Oct 2020 / In Radio, DJ, & Mixtapes

SAM Broadcaster-Licensing Your Internet Radio Station
A SAM Broadcaster Tutorial

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of Internet radio stations that have large listening audiences that run without licensing. They take a very big chance. Don’t you?

Music creators work very hard to produce their music and they deserve royalties whenever their music is played. It is only fair. For many of them, royalties are the only income they have.

Getting legal is very easy. You only have to go to one place, pay a small and very reasonable monthly fee. This will depend on – among other factors – how many listeners your station will grow to have, how much revenue you generate from your radio, and how much you have to spend to keep your station on the air.

The one-stop place to go to legalize your radio station and protect yourself is Stream Licensing. They will monitor your radio station, access artists, songs, frequency the songs are played and pay the artist their royalties for you.

There plans start as low as $22.50/month. This is what you will pay when starting out. In time, as your station grows and gains more listeners and begins to generate more revenue you will select a higher plan. Even the higher plans are not that expensive. Besides, if your radio station is earning you more money, why would you not want to select a more appropriate plan to ensure music artist are paid their royalties. There is nothing like having peace of mind in knowing your station is legal.

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