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Songtrust: Music Publishing & Music Royalty Collection

Published on 25 Oct 2020 / In How-to & Style

Join Songtrust: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/5qVwRBlZID!pBls - Get $20 OFF with the Promo code: Payusnomind (case sensitive)

Join the Payusnomind Program: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/xOr1aynFID

­čŤĺ Visit the Payusnomind Store: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/ZkBR3q5GID |Books, Services, Consultations

­Łä× Publishing:
Songtrust - Get $20 OFF with the Promo code: Payusnomind (case sensitive): https://punm-alt.lnk.to/5qVwRBlZID!pBls
SoundExchange: https://www.soundexchange.com/

Distribution - PUNM Recommends
Tunecore - 20% OFF: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/3q1BM5ID
CD Baby: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/q7DIRRIhID
Ditto: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/kCFo3QbSID
Distrokid - 7% OFF: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/q2jPnz1OID

Promo Services:
­čôúPUNM Services: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/4Ns7VhnpID
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Everything YouÔÇÖre Owed: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/86iglJ1LID
Guide To Youtube Monetization for Artists That Don't Want To Be "YoutubersÔÇŁ: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/AAUarRQdID
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Advertising Game plan: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/XwSJqNzTID

Become a PUNM Member on Patreon: https://punm-alt.lnk.to/BozXjx9rID

Email: payusnomind[@]gmail.com
Phone: (929) 352-4926ÔÇČ
Instagram: http://instagram.com/payusnomind
Twitter: http://twitter.com/payusnomind
Facebook: http://facebook.com/payusnomind

My Gear:
Camera - Logitech Brio: https://amzn.to/34iIuN2
Microphone - Bue Yeti: https://amzn.to/36knC9Y

Disclaimers: Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support Payusnomind at no extra cost.

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Ashley_van_wyk 4 years ago

Imma defs check u guys out

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Maxwell123 4 years ago

@Rickster_boy true

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Rickster_boy 4 years ago

@knae.. it does not matter if its expensive.. as long as its good

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Mello 4 years ago

@knae I think so

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Knae 4 years ago

Is songtrust expensive

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