Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 15 Minutes

Published on 30 Oct 2020 / In How-to & Style

A short, sharp look at the role of a sponsorship proposal, the structure of a best practice proposal, and where most sponsorship seekers go wrong.


Thanks for watching, and here are the additional resources Kim promised.

For everything you need to know about securing and retaining sponsorship, including lots of checklists and templates, AND a sponsorship proposal template, get a copy of The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition. Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/00718....25797/?tag=powerspon

To download the Generic Inventory referenced in the video, go to this page and scroll to the bottom: http://powersponsorship.com/sp....onsorship-white-pape

For more information about some of sponsorship seekers' most vexing questions, check out this information-packed tutorial from Kim: https://youtu.be/R9chfVDgeVA

Kim's blog can be found on http://powersponsorship.com/blog. With over 250 how-to blogs, these two roundups might be an easier place to start:

30+ Proposal Development Resources for Sponsorship Seekers - http://powersponsorship.com/16....-proposal-developmen

40+ Sponsorship Sales Resources for Sponsorship Seekers - http://powersponsorship.com/16....-sponsorship-sales-r

And if you need further assistance, there’s plenty of information on PowerSponsorship.com on the services we offer. Please note: we do not offer a sponsorship brokering service (in other words, we can’t secure sponsorship on your behalf).

Good luck!

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